10 Uses of Honey for Health & Wellbeing
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10 Uses of Honey for Health & Wellbeing 

© 2015 by Hakim M. Salim Khan 

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The beauty of honey is that it is natural, safe, delicious to use and available all the year round. There are hundreds of studies all over the world confirming the usefulness of honey as a food and medicine.

Note: We recommend using raw organic honey for full benefits.

10 Ways to Use Honey for Health and Wellbeing

1. Children’s Tonic

  • One teaspoon of honey diluted in water two or three times before or after meals can help improve appetite, weight, complexion and energy.  
  • For school children, honey can help to improve their mental alertness. For this purpose, honey can be used instead of jam on toast at breakfast time.

2. Bed-Wetting

  • One to two teaspoons of honey before going to bed may be useful to help clear bed wetting. No liquids should be given to children immediately before a their bed time.

3. Constipation

  • Honey can act as a mild and gentle laxative which may help to prevent and get rid of constipation.  

4. Coughs and Colds

  • Pour one teaspoon of honey in glass or mug of hot water and add ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Mix and drink this mixture warm, before meals, three times a day.

5. Diarrhoea and Stomach Upsets

  • A teaspoon of honey in 250ml of barley water may help stop most cases of diarrhoea.

6. Accidents, Cuts and Burns

  • Honey is a natural anti-septic and can be applied externally as dressing on minor burns, bruises and cuts that happen in most homes.

7. Sleep Problems 

  • One teaspoon of honey in warm milk at evening or night is naturally soothing and may help to promote sleep.

8. Hair Tonic

  • Take 4oz of pure liquid honey and mix with 2oz of pure olive oil. Store in a place such as an airing cupboard.
  • Before washing, shake the bottle well (as the mixture separates) and massage into hair and scalp. Leave for 20-30 minutes, then rinse well in good shampoo.
  • This hair tonic used once a week may help to maintain good lustre of the hair.

9. Honey Facial 

  • Take 3 teaspoons of pure liquid honey and third cup of finely ground oatmeal. Add 1 teaspoon of rose water and blend well.
  • Clean the face thouroughly with water, then spread the prepared mixture evenly over the face. Relax with the preparation for half an hour. Then, carefully remove with a soft face cloth soaked in warm water. Finally, rinse the face with cool water.
  • Use of this honey facial once a week can help maintain clear and soft complexion. This facial is suitable for all skin types and for all ages.  

10. Natural Moisturiser 

  • Stiffly beaten egg white mixed with honey can be very good for oily skin.
  • For dry skin, add a touch of milk cream to honey. Applying this may be beneficial.
  • Adding a few spoons of honey to bath water when bathing may help to relieve fatigue.

Disclaimer: This information is provided for education and information purposes only. Please consult your healthcare professional for personal advice.